Biggest online casino wins of 2014

Casino-Jackpot-WinnersThe majority of casino players, at least the smart ones, play just for fun. Of course they love winning money and get a massive buzz out of it when they do, that’s the fun of it, but they don’t ‘expect’ to profit from their casino play. However, sometimes, just sometimes, casino players do win big. These big wins grab the headlines and provide fantastic publicity for the casinos, which is of course why they provide them through progressive jackpots where several casinos in a network pool a pot of cash for the big wins. The big wins are a bit like winning the lottery as they tend to happen on slot games where there is little to no skill involved. But it’s still definitely far more fun to play them than buying a lottery ticket. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest online casino wins so far this year.

7.3 million EUR on

This anonymous 40-something from Norway must be one of the luckiest men alive this year. A regular player on Betsson, in the two days leading up to his big win on the Hall of Gods video slot he had already hit several jackpots adding up to more than 1 million euro. The understandably ecstatic man explained:

“I never thought I’d win again so soon, never mind such a large sum. I was absent-mindedly playing whilst reading through the baccarat rules, a casino game I haven’t played and wanted to give a go, when the game went crazy. I looked up to see the progressive jackpot win sign flashing and couldn’t believe I’d won again. I didn’t even realise at first it was such as massive sum”!

5.1 million EUR on Euro Casino

Constantina Aristides, a 29-year old single mother from Nicosia in Cyprus scooped a huge 5 million euro windfall earlier this month on the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot whilst playing real money slots online for the first time in her life. Constantina is going to take her two daughters to Disneyland in Paris and set aside a savings account for each to pay for their university education and first home.

“I went to a casino with some friends last weekend on a bachelorette party and had a lot of fun playing the slots. So when I had a little time to myself last weekend on Saturday evening after the girls went to bed I decided to play on Euro Casino. I just set up an account with 50 euro and told myself that had to last me at least a month and that I wouldn’t add any more. Well I didn’t have to. 20 mins later I was lucky enough to win the jackpot! I wouldn’t encourage anyone to gamble in the hope of winning money but I was just incredibly lucky and as a result I will be able to provide for my daughters so much more easily than I have been able to”.